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YRAP's logo featuring "YRAP" spelled in black letters over a purple silhouette of the Edmonton skyline. Both are encircled with a stylized green brushstroke.


Restorative Practice for Youth,  by Youth

Our vision is to provide a relationship-based, holistic environment which uses an autonomous and youth-centered voice as a way to make authentic and sustainable change for both the individual and the community.


Making Change Possible

Founded and sanctioned as a justice committee in 2003. Youth Restorative Action Project (YRAP) has made tremendous impact thanks to the help of youth volunteers in the Edmonton community. YRAP is mandated to work with young people who have caused harm while being affected by a variety of significant social issues such as intolerance, racism, substance abuse, homelessness, family violence and prostitution. We also offer those who have caused harm an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and to grow positively, while offering victims a meaningful role in the process.




YRAP provides many legal functions for youth including sentencing recommendations, extrajudicial sanctions, judicial interim releases, treatment plans and more. We also support other youth initiatives, promote education, and bring awareness surrounding youth-related issues.



We provide mentorship opportunities with at-risk youth to provide a positive role models and explore a trust-based relationship. Mentors and mentees are able to share experiences with each other and gain a mutual respect and understanding. YRAP also provides mentorship training for mentors that are interested.



YRAP provides a wide variety of services, which are fully run by volunteers. There are always opportunities to give back to the community and the youth in many different aspects. YRAP has volunteer roles on our drop-ins, panel, board or members for other various committees, 


It gives us tremendous pride to be able to help and give back to the community.

Explore some of our latest drop-ins and media features below. 

Join Our Team

 Become a part of our dedicated team committed to making a positive impact in the lives of youth. Working with our team, you will learn the expertise and passion they use to drive the mission of the Youth Restorative Action Project forward.

Uplifted Youth


Unit #1123, 10004 104 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T5J 0K1



Main Email:
Phone: 825-993-9144

Thanks for contacting us!

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The Youth Restorative Action Project (YRAP) is honoured to acknowledge the land we operate on and the people of the community we provide our services to. YRAP operates on the traditional territory of Treaty 6. The Treaty 6 territory holds immense significance to the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people that have lived here for countless generations. As a founded and sanctioned justice committee, we are grateful for the opportunities which connect us to this land, the community, and the Indigenous Peoples we partner with.

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