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Restorative Justice

Together with the support of lawyers, social workers, law enforcement officers, teachers, youth workers, scholars, concerned citizens, and other members of the community, YRAP is empowered to use restorative justice measures to repair harm and reduce further involvement with the criminal justice system


Once a young person has been found to be guilty of an offence, YRAP will convene a panel to gather information and makes recommendations for constructive and appropriate consequences. YRAP typically offers to follow up with the recommendations via mentorship, support, connecting youth with other agencies or other services that we think are beneficial.

Interim Release (Bail)

YRAP will gather information about the young person’s life and make recommendations on what conditions could be put on the release in order to give the young person the best chance of success.

Peacemaking Circle

Peacemaking circles originate from Indigenous teachings and traditions. The process aims to address behaviour concerns and establish community safety. Peacemaking circles provide a space for the young person and the affected parties to communicate and resolve conflict. This method is an alternative way to encourage change within the young person and their relationship within the community.

Extrajudicial Sanctions

The extrajudicial sanctions program is an alternative to the traditional court process for young people who qualify. Typically, referrals are given to those charged with minor offences, who have no prior criminal record, or who have admitted to their role in their offences. YRAP will convene a panel, create the sanctions and oversee the completion. This tends to have a timeline of 3 to 4 months. 


Those who take part in the YRAP process will meet with a youth panel and possibly the victim of their offences to discuss their personal circumstances, as well as possible consequences. Panels provide youth with an opportunity to share their voice in a safe environment, while also considering how a victim may have been affected by their actions.

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